What if.


What if.


What if a super secret Australian government agency used cyber technology to hack into the NSA’s computers, and changed every computer, television, cell phone, and tablet screen in the US to a picture of Grumpy Cat?


Considering Grumpy cat has many fans, I have to say I, and many others, would not consider this a catastrophe. And Australians are way too cool and nice to do anything like hack computers. Also,I’m pretty sure the NSA’s computers are more than well-protected from hackers. So, while it is unlikely that this type of thing would happen, it is not impossible.


Cyberspace is becoming a more and more viable means of attack, yet cybersecurity, terrorism, and warfare are all still relatively new fields. As such, legislation concerning cyberspace is not well-understood – which is why the University of Dayton will launch its CyberLaw Center this fall. The new center will offer courses focused on cybersecurity and national security law, cyberspace law, social media and criminal law, and more.


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